Sore Thumm Clothing Company comissioned me to redraw a simple version of the doughboy image they provided me with (original doughboy image is at the bottom).  
The drawing was created in vector format so that it could be used for screenprinting.  It was created so that various parts can be removed from the design if needed.  For example the money bags can be taken out and it's just a doughboy with 2 fists, or the moneybags silhouette at the bottom can be removed and there are two intact doughboy legs visible.
Designed by Mica Joy for Sore Thumm Clothing Company - May 2014
Doughboy Vector Created for Sore Thumm Clothing Company for screen printing. May 2014
Image Used to Create the Doughboy Vector for Sore Thumm Clothing Company
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