This mixed media collage represents my identity through trees and nature.  Trees are strong, have deep roots and grow tall and like a tree I have a strong sense of who I am and my identity is deeply rooted.  Throughout this collage are elements hidden within the bigger picture that stand for different parts of me.  I am who I am because of the life that I have lived and my family has played an important role in shaping who I am today.  To represent this there is a cutout of my cousin and myself hugging as well as a cutout of me with my sister and my cat when we were kids.  My mom, who I owe everything to, is represented by a cutout of a geisha from a quilt she made me.  The geisha also represents my interest in the orient.  My handprint represents my literal identity hidden in the tree bark.  If you look closely you will find various elements that represent that I am an artist.  There is one of my first color book pages of a bird, a image of my first childhood watercolor and a transfer of one of my first oil paintings of an ocean scene .  Iguanas, butterflies, birds and dragonflies are repeating themes in my art so they are present as well.  On the tree, my literal identity tree, there are signs nailed into it that represent various moments in my life through photos, newspaper clippings as well as a journal entry. My identity tree stands out in the forest appearing brighter and chaotic to emphasize that I am a unique element in this world and I desire to stand out from the ordinary.  
I Am Hidden in the Trees
Mixed Media Collage
24 inches x 24 inches
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