I find inspiration in Claude Monet and he once said, “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”  It was in his gardens at Giverny when I found myself surrounded by hundreds of flowers.  I was overwhelmed by their beauty and enveloped with joy and a sense of tranquility.  In those moments his flowers spoke to me and, I too, knew without a doubt that God wanted me to follow my path as an artist and a painter.  This painting is dedicated to Claude Monet for allowing me to converse with his flowers.  I will forever be indebted to the flowers of France because they told me to never forget that I am a painter and to never stop following that dream.
Les Fleurs De La France, Ils M'ont Parlé was inspired by the flowers I saw and photographed during study abroad in Paris in May 2016.  It was developed from several photographs that I collaged together.  This was an experiment that developed from my "Color & Line Studies".  I wanted to stray from the original realistic floral images but maintain the sense of the flowers without the shadows and hyperrealistic details.  It is meant to be a representational and abstracted depiction of a garden that emphasizes movement through color and line.  True to my style I kept with a vibrant palette but decided to also include some chromatic greys to balance the vivid, bright colors.  
Les Fleurs De La France, Ils M'ont Parlé 
(The French Flowers Talked to Me)
Gouache on watercolor paper
10 inches x 14 inches
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